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St Jude's Parish Primary School 

At the beginning of 2020  the St. Jude's Wellbeing HUB was established. The HUB is a vibrant space which has seven learning zones which cater for differnt learning styles. The entire space is fitted with contemporary furnishings including pedal desks, whiteboard tables, wobble stools, stand up stations, and soft furnishings.


Learning that takes place in the HUB includes independant, small group and whole class. Literacy, Numeracy, Robotics, Social & Emotional capabilities and so much more is taught in the HUB. One zone is filled with sensory tools, children are explicitly taught how these tools can be used to help them be the best learners that they can be. 

Another space includes two 3D printers which enables children to be taught processes around design and production. Children work collaboratively throughout an innovative process to create 3D projects

Right next door to the HUB is the school gym which has a mezzanine floor which has been fitted out to include a mindfulness zone and a work out space. This amazing inclusion is a space where children in small groups are taught strategies to be centred and grounded.

Since the establishment of the HUB many benefits have been witnessed with children flourishing with their learning.

Meet the HUB Team

Milan Greco 

Student Wellbeing Leader

Braden Hammond

Learning Diversity & Numeracy Leader

Andrea Wanke 

Education Support Officer

Donna Rowland ESO & Learning Diversity Coordinator