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Our School

St Jude's Parish Primary School 

St. Jude’s Parish Primary School is located at 30 Warrandyte Road Langwarrin. St. Jude’s provides a well rounded education where spiritual, social & emotional and academic learning is based on Christian values. We have a strong focus on sustainability and teach each child that they are stewards of the land and their choices make a difference to the world that we all share.


Our school motto Mercy, Peace, Love


Alongside our motto we have three schoolwide expectations which are closely linked to our Christian values. These expectations are for every member of our school community.


At St. Jude’s everyone has the right to be treated with respect.

At St. Jude’s everyone has the right to feel safe.

At St. Jude’s everyone has the right to learn.


The school is divided into three learning areas for junior, middle & senior classes. Each area has space where students can participate in flexible groupings and cross year level activities. In addition to the classrooms there is a hall, gymnasium, library, music room, art room, community cafe, kitchen, canteen, student wellbeing centre, and administration block.


The school grounds are vast and include a football oval, basketball, netball and soccer courts, two adventure playground areas, a vegetable garden, chicken coop and shaded areas.Students can also access play materials from the play pod and the pop-up-play stations.


We offer the following specialist programs:

  • Physical Education

  • Visual Arts

  • Performing Arts

  • Music

  • Library

  • Italian

  • STEM


We have a dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff who are committed to teaching the whole child and meeting each individual where they are on their learning journey be it spiritual, academic and social & emotional.

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Our Vision

We at St Jude's value a positive community
that is inclusive and respectful of relationships, appreciative of diversity.


We aim to create a learning community
that actively promotes knowledge and skills for a twenty-first century society.  


We will provide an engaging and differentiated curriculum, growing the whole person through

a climate of shared culture, and a safe and nurturing environment.

"A Positive Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference."

Our Mission

At St. Jude’s Langwarrin our mission encompasses the five spheres of schooling:


Education in Faith
We, at St. Jude’s, aspire to develop, deepen and celebrate the core of our Catholic faith, primarily through the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Word. As a faith community we also aim to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer, the Sacraments, the recognition of religious symbols and professional development in Religious Education.


Student Wellbeing
We recognise the individuality of each child within an inclusive environment. We ensure that students develop as people who are taking increasing responsibility for their own spiritual and physical wellbeing. This will foster learning, relationships with others and their role within the local, national and global community. We aim to provide a structure whereby children build positive relationships through promotion of social justice and Gospel values, team play and by being able to make appropriate choices.

School Community
We aspire to become a strong Catholic school community in partnership with the parents and parish. It is our aim to make the school accessible to all children baptised in the Catholic faith and to those who wish to avail themselves of a Catholic education.
Social justice is fostered in children through the explicit teaching of the values of Jesus and the Catholic Church. We reach out to the wider community to create a sense of awareness and responsibility amongst the students, parents and staff.

Learning and Teaching
We aim to provide an environment where we develop the whole child, socially, morally, spiritually, psychologically, physically and academically. We provide opportunities for the child to develop their faith with Jesus as their model and guide. Children are provided with a safe, stimulating and supportive environment where every child feels secure, valued and praised and has a right to succeed. We offer a diverse curriculum in accordance with the standards set by the Victorian Curriculum, to cater for the individual differences of each child. Implementation of policies and programs are accomplished through the joint partnership of teachers and parents. Assessment, using a variety of formal and informal data, plays a vital role within this process. It is used to assist children to be reflective about their learning and enables teachers, in conjunction with parents, to guide and enhance future learning.

Leadership and Management
At St. Jude’s, leadership and management involves forging strong links between school and parish leadership teams. Effective communication strategies exist between the Principal and the Parish Priest and regular consultation is sought from the Leadership Team, the Consultative Committee and the Parish Education Board. Leaders value the process of self-development in their managerial style and abilities and foster leadership qualities in all staff. School Leaders are a formal means of instilling leadership in senior students, however all students are supported in developing leadership skills and goal setting. Leaders nurture positive teamwork amongst staff and encourage colleagues to participate in professional learning.

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